copy-of-pict00421The development of science and technology, especially in information communication and technology is very fast. The development of it is applied in teaching activities in order to get a better result. Teaching is not only about paper, white//black board, marker, map, and picture. Teaching is about transferring knowledge to the students. In order to get a good result, the teacher should use the effective teaching aid. A teaching aid is a tool used by teachers, facilitators, or tutors to help learners improve reading and other skills, illustrate or reinforce a skill, fact, or idea, and relieve anxiety, fear, or boredom, since many teaching aids are like games. There are many kind of teaching aids such as : chalkboard or whiteboard, map, overhead projector, computer, charts, calendars, flash chard, posters, slides, flip chart, etc, but the writer believe that the best one among them is a computer. READ MORE HERE



  1. Wow! u have indeed made a very self explainable and comprehensive resarch on the use of computer as a teaching aid in English. This is a very good job that needs to be pulished world-widely for people to read due to its massive contribution to pedagogical aspect of Education. May God grant u more knowledge to shear with world! May God bless u.

  2. I think you are very creative indeed my boy friend .I don,t think and even never think before this that you are such kind of a teacher of millions ideas . I am really proud of you. I do send my best wishes for you and your family hoping that we can sit together for better cooperative . Thanks for yours . from your beloved friend Rustiyadi from cilegon

  3. What important as the source of further research. Would you please add more the teaching media such as the used of LCD or LAPTOP in classroom. Thanks

  4. Teaching is not merely transfering knowledge, but it is also to set up certain skills.

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